Better than anybody else I know

What sets you apart in your circle of friends? If your close friend were to answer the following question, what would he or she say?

“You do _________ better than anybody else that I know.”

If your friend were to ask you that question, what would your response be?

The answer need not be a single adjective (“you’re the most thoughtful person I know”), but a combination (“you combine aesthetics and practicality better than anybody else I know”).

Let me list out a few hypotheses here:

1. We are all uniquely wired and gravitate towards certain interests more than other people do.

2. We are often unaware of what sets us apart. This is because our mind perceives whatever we do to be normal. We do not often realize that what feels like play to us feels like work to other people.

3. Our close friends know us well enough to answer that question above, but are sufficiently disconnected to give us an objective response.

4. This question makes for interesting conversation among friends who are close enough.

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