The inner work

When a plumber is sloppy, it reflects in how she fixes her pipes.

When a cook is careless, his soup often misses its mark.

When a programmer is creative, it shows in her implementation.

An courageous author’s words are authentic.

Our work is but a manifestation of the world inside our heads. This is true of artists, craftsmen and professionals. It is also true of leaders, managers and owners of businesses – especially small businesses. Yet, most leadership frameworks, methodologies and approaches are focused on fixing the external problems – on formulating strategies, on devising tactics, on organizing teams and bench marking against competitors.

As leaders, it is easy to forget that whatever is “out-there” is merely a manifestation of whatever is “in-here”. Most effective change begins within us before it can produce results visible to everybody.

Inspiration: E-Myth revisited – Michael Gerber

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