500 posts

WordPress just reminded me that I had clocked 500 posts on this blog. In keeping with tradition, I use this opportunity to reflect on the journey so far as honestly as I can dare to.

Post no. 500 caught me by surprise. With post 100, 200 and so on, I cared a little more about the numbers. Having done this for so long, it has turned into a way of life. Writing here is something I simply do every single day regardless of the number of posts or of the number of people who engage with what I have to say.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for reader engagement. I lament, as does every blogger who is still holding on, about how attention spans have fallen and about how blogging has fallen out of fashion. But my motivation to show up, to observe things, to make note of them and to write a post everyday has turned more intrinsic. It is a task that is rewarding in itself – one that I would continue doing even if nobody else cared.

At all the same, I realize that this is a rare privilege – to have the time to write every single day, to have an internet connection and a laptop, and to be surrounded by more wonderful ideas than I can keep up with. I am grateful for the privilege of this stage and the luxury of being able to show up to perform on it for 500 days now.


2 thoughts on “500 posts

  1. Congrats Anupam on reaching the 500 postmark. It is indeed a great achievement. Your wish to get your writings published will certainly fructify.

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