Like a string of pearls

I love the movie Pulp Fiction. It’s amazing how each scene in that movie can stand on its own. Pulp fictions scenes are much like pearls on a string – each scene is complete in itself while being a part of the larger plot.

Our lives are made up of days. Our days are made up of moments. We all pay close attention to the aggregate factors that define our lives – our education, our careers our life-partners and so on. But all of those choices are results of the attention we bring to each passing moment.

One of the qualities of being mindful is to audit our attention in every moment of our lives. Not asking this question leads us into several trances – from gorging on junk food to scrolling down social media feeds. By the time we ask ourselves this question again, hours (or several chocolate chip cookies) can slip by unnoticed.

What are you doing right now, in this moment? Is that the best use of your attention?

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