The share of the wandering mind

Have you noticed how cookies or bowls of popcorn eaten in front of the television simply disappear before you realize it? It is as though the television claims its own share of whatever you eat while watching it.

How much of your attention is directed towards any given activity, as you perform it? Our attention is finite, and in most cases, distractions keep us from experiencing a something to the fullest degree. Moreover, distractions steal from our future – they plant the seeds of craving that would leave us feeling as though something is missing in the future.

One of the most effective ways in fighting craving and addiction is through mindfulness – to pay undivided attention towards whatever we indulge in, with a sense of curiosity. In the absence of distraction, we get to experience something to the fullest, rather than feel like we need to reach for that second treat on the kitchen shelf after 10 minutes.

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