Lethal luggage

“Will you look at that small suitcase, all on its own,
in our large shiny office lobby, looking all forlorn.”
“Damn it! That could be a bomb. Raise the alarm!
That innocent looking box could cause unspeakable harm!”

“Keep away!”, “Use the back door”, “Follow the damn protocol.”
The sirens blared, police arrived, took control of the hall.
Armoured suits, helmets, rifles. Ready to save the day,
But someone recalled the bomb expert, Ben, was on holiday.

The replacement was rushing in from faraway Stuttgart,
“Evacuate the building!”, they said. “Clear out this part!”,
On fours like a cat, her instrument beeped, she opened the suitcase,
“Just clothes and toiletries here!”, said a sheepish look on her face.

The police kept their chins up. “That was a close one!”
The office staff thanked the police for a job well done.
Could we go back to simpler times, for heaven’s sake,
Where a suitcase in the lobby was just an honest mistake?

This post is a tribute to a fellow blogger who just finished an A-Z blogathon, mostly with ironic, thought provoking verse on human behaviour. I urge you to check out her work here.

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