Planting a seed in the unconscious mind

As a gardener, a most fulfilling feeling is to see a growth spurt in one of your plants. The unconscious mind does the same thing to our ideas.  Several creative geniuses such as Salvador Dali and Thomas Edison have harnessed the benefit of unconscious inspiration. Stephen King talks about how inspiration comes to us from everywhere – and that as writers, all we need to do is to take note of it when it knocks on our door.

In my own experience with writing this blog, I have found how effective it is to sleep on an idea for a post. Just before I close my eyes, I decide on what I would write the next morning. When I wake up, the idea is well formed and its connections with other concepts are clear in my mind. As I sit down to write, the words come out in a blessed flow, sometimes garnished with analogies and anecdotes. Those moments are easily the most rewarding ones for a writer.

Planting ideas in the unconscious mind isn’t something we do often enough. On realizing the limitless potential here, we can be more purposeful with the use of what several great innovators have chanced upon in their everyday lives.

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