Compliment mining

Sincere compliments are curious creatures. They are incredibly valuable and do not seem to cost anything. But they do not come cheap either. They have to be earned, both by the giver and the receiver.

Our language hints at their value. We pay compliments just as we pay money or attention. The world today, at least the internet giants, are tapping every minute of our attention. On the other hand, compliments are rare. They are untapped gold-mines

At the same time, compliments do not come cheap. Insincere compliments are worthless and can actually cost the giver something – their credibility. A sincere compliment requires us to care, to be generous and to notice what the world misses quite often.

Compliments require sincere effort. Just as every nugget of gold required a Californian panner (wearing denims) to invest hours of back-breaking labour or every bitcoin that is mined requires investment in coding, mathematics, IT infrastructure and abandoned garage space.

Time to put on a hard hat.

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