On the fingertips of intent

We humans live on the fingertips of intent. Our vocabulary reflects this quality through a variety of terms.

Confirmation bias – Our tendency to actively and selectively seek information that reinforces our existing beliefs and world-view.

Self-fulfilling prophesy – A prediction that causes itself to become true, due to positive feedback between the belief and our behaviour.

Pygmalion effect – Where other people’s high expectations of a target person causes him/her to improve and live up to them.

Golem effect –  The opposite of the Pygmalion effect, where other people’s low expectations of a target person turns into truth.

The law of attraction – The belief that when you want something so badly, the universe gifts it to you.

Affirmation – A wishful statement that people repeatedly make to themselves, or write down, to increase their likelihood of actually happening.

PropagandaInformation of a biased / misleading nature that intends to further certain political views.

To predict your future, do not ask an astrologer. Just consult your intentions and those of the people around you.

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