The cost of getting a nose ahead

There are times when finishing first pays rich dividends. The #1 best seller in any category often sells twice as much as the #2 does.

At other times, it does not. That person who switches lanes on a crowded highway, honks away to glory and goes 20 km/hr above the speed limit endangers everybody else on the road to get merely a 100 m ahead. All of that would only get neutralized the moment they are stuck behind a large truck or caught behind the next red light.

We often pay a cost to finish ahead – by going faster, pushing harder and sometimes being unpleasant to the people around us. It helps to exercise discretion here and ask ourselves the question – is getting a nose ahead here really worth all the effort? If it is, we should double down. If it isn’t, why not take it easy and redouble our efforts elsewhere?

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