The cost of the status quo

Music is the silence between the notesClaude Debussy

This quote is profound because we often do not pay attention to the silence, which forms the background for all of music.

Our status quo is often the background on which the events of our life unfold. It is the normalcy that underlies our boring routine – our jobs, our old friendships, our neighbourhood and our cuisine. When we embark on changing the status quo by starting a new endeavour, we often evaluate the pros and cons of the decision itself, while neglecting the cost of preserving the status quo. This sometimes irrational preference for the current state of affairs is called the status quo bias.

Adopting a new business model might be expensive for a company, but what if their core business is being disrupted? Finding a new job is risky, but what is the risk of staying in the same job? Writing a journal everyday is difficult – it requires time, discipline and can feel unpleasant. But what are the costs of not writing a journal?



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