Going all in is easier

With most things, going from 90% to 100% is difficult. It is easier to secure 90% in an examination than 100%. It is much harder to build a 100% defect free production facility than one that is 90% accurate. It is difficult to retain a 100% accident free record on the road.

However, with decision making, a 100% rule is several times easier to implement than a 90% rule.

Let us take two resolutions, both of which aim to cut down alcohol consumption. When we say we are completely off alcohol for a particular time period, we simply do not drink. An alcoholic beverage ceases to exist as an option. Whereas when our aim is to reduce our drinking by 90%, with every drink that passes our way, we need to decide if it qualifies as an exception.

If I decide to blog 5 times a week, I need to think about which those 5 days would be on a weekly basis. When I decide to blog everyday, I would need to write just as surely as the sun rises. There are no further decisions.

The best decisions are ones that eliminate a hundred others.

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