What marketing is becoming

How do we market? Do we create a good product or service based on our beliefs and assumptions, and get the word out? Or do we listen in to our customers, understand their aspirations and give them what they need?

Conventional marketing was more of the former – to create a movie, develop a product and publicize it on hoardings, leaflets and TV advertisements. To market average products to the masses that are “normal”.

But every normal person is a weird person we do not know well enough. With the advent of the internet and digitization, we have seen a shift. We now serve niches that serve the quirkiness of every individual.  To market today is to move from the mass of normal to the niche of the specific, the quirky, the weird and the unique.

Today, everybody has a voice. Are we willing to listen?

Inspiration: This is Marketing – Seth Godin

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