Abstaining from habits

What do you do enjoy doing regularly? Which sports do you follow? Which social media platforms do you use? Which snack do you consume often?

Several habits enrich our lives. At the same time, a habit could be gathered by chance and might bind around our legs and weigh us down. An Indian teenager may have started following a European football club to make more friends and to belong to a social circle. This pursuit could have turned into a lifelong habit without his conscious knowledge.

What if we step back for long enough? The focusing illusion tells us that the things we focus on appear more important than they really are. When we are in the midst of our habits, it may seem impossible to imagine our lives without them.

Take a break from those habits. Try going without them for a month. A long enough break hits the reset button. It helps us step back tells us whether our habits are really as important as they seem.

In periods of abstinence, illusions lose their grip to tell us what is essential to our lives.

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