On misty hilltops

Let’s say we scale a misty hilltop. At the hill’s peak, taking a few steps in any direction sees a drop in altitude. It feels good to climb to the highest point of a hill. There is then a temptation to hold on to it.

But perhaps the mist around the hill conceals beautiful mountains. Perhaps we are ready to scale them. But in order to scale them, we need to first descend from our hill.

We humans often mistake a local maxima for a global one. The first digital camera was worse than the most popular analog camera of its time. It was more expensive and of lesser quality. And yet, entire companies stayed on their hills long after the world had moved on. Kodak manufactured only analog cameras until it was too late.

What do we need to forsake in the short term to combat climate change? Which laws, written with the best of intentions, hold us back today? Which habit you developed last year no longer serves you?

Which hills do you still cling onto? And what could you do to clear the mist around your hill top? When it does clear, are you ready to head for the mountains beyond?

Misty Mountain.png

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