A hard day’s rest

Rest and performance reinforce each other to enter a virtuous cycle. A hard day of work gives us sound sleep. A night of sound sleep helps us give the best the next day.

In the short term, a sense of urgency can produce powerful illusions. Students cram the night before the examination. We need to drop everything we are doing to look at that notification or attend that phone call. Our work spills into every waking hour of our life, including weekends and vacations.

Sure, sprinting can be useful once in a while. But to make sprinting a way of life is to burn tomorrow for the sake of getting a little further today. It comes at the risk of injury and burnout.

We need to treat periods of rest – sleep, weekends and vacations with the same sanctity with which we regard our work. An additional hour of sleep every day might make the difference between climbing a hill in one week, vs. climbing a mountain in a month.

Happy holidays! I hope you have had the opportunity to rest well.

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