Diversity is a challenge

Homogeneity is easy. It is analogous to leaving a canvas painted with one colour. It is easy, but that canvas could be put to better use.

Diversity is difficult. It has the potential to end up as a vibrant painting but there are several more ways to get it wrong than get it right. It is easier to ruin a blank canvas than to paint a masterpiece. Indian traffic is an example of diversity gone wrong. Indian cuisine is an example of diversity done right.

The artist loves diversity. The artist aspires towards a better ideal. Art is the synthesis of  taking what is available to create something new – something that is better than what those ingredients were. Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory is better than the canvas and the paints that created it.

The fundamentalist hates diversity. She believes we have descended from a higher ideal that we must go back to. Fundamentalists destroy paintings and burn books and ban free expression. Artistic creativity represents a departure from an ideal that they cling to.

Therefore, diversity is a challenge indeed. How you deal with diversity depends on what you make of this challenge. There are people who hate challenges, while there are others that embrace challenge as a new opportunity.

Inspiration: The war of Art: Steven Pressfield

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