The problem with planning

Getting a piece of code right on the first attempt is elusive. Even for a simple piece of code, bugs often surface when we hit the execute button the first time.

While writing code, there are so many paths to take that we unwittingly slip into mistakes. The only way to make our code foolproof is through thorough testing. It is efficient to build and test as we go rather than to draft a step-by-step plan before execution. The smallest of bug may have large consequences down the road that can throw our plans off.

And yet, with every serious test, there are butterflies in the stomach before hitting the execute button. The seasoned developer learns to get past this discomfort, test her code and learn to enjoy catching and fixing bugs.

With several of our dreams, it is easy to get caught in the loop of elaborate planning, find something wrong with our plan and use it as an excuse for not following through. This maybe true of that idea to create a new product, a business plan for a new venture or writing that book we always wished to.

The problem with planning is that in the weeds of our plan, we have sufficient room to hide from our fear. The best way to overcome that is to go ahead, execute a bad plan, find the bugs and fix them as they surface.

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