Maintaining a steady cadence

When you watch the Tour de France, it is mesmerizing to watch the cyclists pedal up and down with a continuous, synchronous rhythm.

In cycling, the cadence is the rate at which the pedals go around. It is a measure of the cyclist’s natural rhythm. The mark of a seasoned cyclist is to maintain a steady cadence, regardless of the terrain, the gradient or prevailing winds.

Pushing on the pedals with a steady cadence ensures efficient and sustained performance. Depending on the slope and the wind conditions, the cyclist switches to the appropriate gear ratio to sustain a steady rhythm. The cadence ought to be just right. Too slow, and the cyclist has to exert excessive force on the pedals and she tires quickly. Too fast, and the pedal rolls around without pushing the cycle forward.

We are creatures of cadence and habit. A certain rhythm defines our lives everyday. It determines what we achieve with our precious few hours. With a steady cadence, we can compound every push on our pedals to take us further in the most efficient manner possible.

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