Ripples and brushstrokes

When a drop of water falls on a still pond, ripples propagate outwards and disappear without leaving a trace. When a painter smears her brush on a canvas, the trail of paint stays on the canvas long after the brush is withdrawn. Every stroke, including the invisible lines she has painted over, remain on the canvas forever.

The ripples on the water are the vibrations that signify the freedom contained in the present moment. The canvas captures these moments, imprisoning them on its surface. However, the paint stains the canvas as well. Their bond is bidirectional.

Our life’s experiences start off as ripples on a still pond and turn into brushstrokes on a canvas. The ripples are the sensations that manifest in the moment – the feeling we get as soon as we bite into a ripe, juicy mango. The brushstrokes are the conditioning that these sensations result in, such as the craving we build for mangoes.

Is it possible for one to enjoy the experience of eating a mango without being imprisoned by its craving? Is it possible for our experiences to remain as ripples, rather than turn into brushstrokes?

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