Writing is telepathy

Stephen King likens writing to telepathy.

I watched a football game yesterday, where the winning team snatched victory in the 93rd minute. The striker dived in the box and the team converted the penalty. With these words, I have got you thinking about football. As I type this out, I picture a striker going down in the penalty box. Now those images are in your mind’s eye.

The newspaper editor’s thoughts on the Brexit deal are now his readers’ thoughts. The Count of Monte Cristo gives us a glimpse of Alexander Dumas’ thoughts on revenge. Charles Darwin’s thoughts on evolution are our own, if we read the Origin of Species. When a historian reads the Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest known fictional story, he has the thoughts of a Sumerian who lived more than 4000 years ago coursing through his head.

Every writer’s objective is to transmit her thoughts to her readers as clearly as she can. Every edit she makes on her draft gets it closer to her objective. In the process, she rewires her brain with every sentence she writes.

Could there be an easier way to refine one’s thinking?

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