A heap of pistachio shells

While gobbling pistachios one morning, I collected the shells. When I looked at them after a couple of hours, I couldn’t believe how many I had eaten.

Pistachios shells serve as reminders of our indulgence. As we pop the delectable nuts into our mouth, they stimulate our brain. But this stimulation disappears as suddenly as it is caused. Without the heap of shells, I would never have realized how many I had unwittingly popped into my mouth.


All the food we eat leaves shells behind, just like pistachios do. Some of them leave impressions in our mind. Some others in our bodies. Some people photograph everything they eat. Some others count calories on mobile apps.

This habit isn’t restricted to food. A journal is nothing but a residue of the author’s daily experiences. Each day in our lives comes and goes like the pistachios we pop into our mind. By writing a journal, we collect the shells that help us keep an account of their passage. Through this habit, one realizes how much can actually happen in a single day. Every time we stop to look at the shells we heap up, they surprise us.

Pistachio shells, photographs of the food we eat, and the journals we keep – all of them have something in common. They help us take a step back. And by doing so, they put the lives ahead of us in perspective.

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