Cleaning is instant gratification

Instant gratification gets a bad rap. It is the whipping boy behind every vice – snacking on junk food, excessive social media usage and going on Netflix binges.

But what if we used instant gratification to our advantage?

Activities that clean or order our surroundings gratify instantly. This applies to cleaning our tables, sweeping or wiping the floor, folding clothes or doing the dishes. With any of those activities, the results are certain and immediate. The act of scrubbing a pan with a trail of soap bubbles, extracting the dirt and grease off its shiny black surface is oddly satisfying if one paid enough attention to it. In fact, my first ever blog post from more than 10 years ago connects with this sentiment.

The instant gratification that comes with cleaning has helped me appreciate its role in keeping my surroundings in order. Besides, a clean house is one less excuse to procrastinating important work we do everyday.

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