No. 300

On 22 January this year, I started an experiment. I decided to write one blog post. If I enjoyed it, I would come back to write the next day. 300 days later, I have been as consistent with writing on this blog as I am with brushing my teeth.

There are few things that I perform with this level of consistency. Through this year, this blog has been an extension of my identity. It is a collection of things that caught my attention, cherished conversations I have had, as well as conversations I never had the chance to have.

I decided to open the door to this side of my person to the world. Initially, I was concerned about what the world thought. I often checked my visitor stats, even while telling myself the story that I did not care. With time though, that story has started to become true. This blog is meant to be a section of the internet that I carve for myself. I will leave the door open. But even if nobody walks in, I will continue to write.

All the same, I am grateful to the few people who do pay a visit. Since the door is open, fear is my constant companion on this stage. By doing this everyday, I have learnt more about that fear. I am more comfortable in its presence. There is fear with every post I write. There is fear as I type these words out. But that fear has been instrumental in making this blog better. It has helped make me better. So thank you. Your generous role as a reader has been invaluable.

Caring enough to do something even when nobody is watching is liberating. In this space, I can make things be what I want them to be. I can label and title the posts not so that they are clickbaits, but with titles that resonate me. It is a shame not being able to name one’s children what one wants to. 

We live in a time where anybody can carve out such a space for themselves. To do that everyday is a privilege. This blog helps me appreciate the time we live in, where anybody can create something and offer it up to the world with a click of a button.

What a time to be alive!

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