A writing analogy

Writing is like stacking Jenga blocks on top of each other.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

The first sentence in a paragraph is the premise. Every following sentence supports, clarifies or illustrates the premise. Sentences, paragraphs, sections and chapters pile up to construct the author’s main point. It is all about stacking!

When your tower is small, it is easier to manage. It is easier to add an additional block. But when your tower is big, you have to be careful and purposeful about every additional block. A paragraph about an idea is quick and easy. Every additional paragraph requires a non-linear amount of time for it to all hold together.

The analogy runs deep. With Jenga, as with writing, you have an objective. You know how to build towards it. But you build as you go. It is more about creating a tower, and less about constructing it. There is no blueprint.

And if they both do not feel like playing a game, you are doing them wrong.

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