The bookstore test

In which field should you pursue your career?

This question is difficult to answer regardless of how old you are. Several of us try to avoid this question and go about our lives by pushing it to the back of our heads. But there it remains, ticking like a time bomb.

The only way to diffuse this bomb is to answer the question. And it is never too late to do it. But how do you answer it?

You could try the bookstore test. Head to a large bookstore. Once you are there, imagine that the store is closed and you are locked inside for the rest of the night. When that happens, which section of the bookstore do you head towards? Which titles does your hand reach out for?

A bookstore has limited shelf space. Its sections ought to be relevant enough to have a regular supply of titles. At your disposal are an assortment of substantial topics (worth writing a book about) that are in demand (worth putting on their shelves).

Inclination, substance and market value. Could there be better prerequisites for a field to pursue your career in?

Inspiration: Lousie Karch via What Color is Your Parachute – Richard Bolles

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