When you don’t have enough time

What do you not have enough time for? For exercising regularly? For writing that book you always wanted to? For learning how to swim?

What if we reframe that statement? What if every time we say “we don’t have time for X”, we say instead, “X is not high enough on my priorities”. Because those two statements are equivalent.

How does it feel to make that substitution? Does that feel right? Or do you sense some conflict?

By stating that we don’t have enough time, we let ourselves off the hook. Somehow, it isn’t our fault anymore that we do not pursue something. Somehow, our busyness and external conditions conspire to prevent us from doing these things.

Instead, by saying something is not high enough on our priorities, we take responsibility. We recognize that it isn’t as important as we think. Or at least, we do not treat it that way. We realize that inaction is a choice we make.

Because what we do with our time is our choice. Isn’t it?

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