The things around us

One of the paradox of our digital times is that physical books sales have been on the rise.

I made the shift to digital about 5 years ago. At some point I owned no physical books. Every book I wished to read was part of my Kindle library. I could carry them anywhere. In recent times though I have started collecting physical books again. I got out and buy the best books that I read and stack them where I can see them.

Staying around these books makes me feel good. Looking at them reminds me of what they taught me. Of how they made me feel as I flipped through their pages. At times I consciously remember what I have read. At other times, they speak to my unconscious mind. Their presence influences my behaviour and my mental state. A picture or a digital copy cannot replace their physical presence.

Our surroundings give us the opportunity to be purposeful about how we decorate them. The inanimate objects on our desks and our walls pull strings in our brains – a few conscious ones and mostly unconscious ones.

Some people choose to display weapons in their house – swords, shields and guns. Some cultures celebrate the ownership and the display of weapons. By making guns widespread and easy to acquire, we reinforce their associations in our minds every single day.

What we display on our walls and our desks is a choice we can make. As individuals and as a society.

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