Leaving something behind…

Ernest Hemingway left his writing unfinished every night.

Hemingway did not write until he had described an idea or a plot entirely. He always stopped before he was done so that when he resumed the next day, he had a foothold to start from.

Terry Laughlin, the expert swimming coach, advises us to stop swimming and get out of the pool before we are totally spent. That unfulfilled urge to swim serves as motivation to return the next day.

My rare visits to museums usually stretched on for more than four hours – going through every level, and viewing every exhibit. Once I made my visits shorter, I enjoyed them more and I went more often. If we push on till we extract the last bit of fun from an activity, we are less likely to come back another time. If a phone call with that old friend stretches on for two hours, we are likely to put off having another conversation for a year.

Leaving an activity at its peak comes from having a mentality of abundance. By doing so, we increase the likelihood of there being a next time.

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