Between knowing and understanding

We are surrounded by oceans of information. Getting specific information about the most arcane topic has never been easier. Yet, how does this benefit us? How many of our pressing problems does it solve?

If more information were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs. – Derek Sivers

Not all this information is useful. Most of it is noise. Only the information that we engage with, internalize and use to understand the world constitutes learning. True learning shifts our perspective and changes something within us.

Since prehistoric times, art has been our vehicle for internal change. Today, art coupled with technology could help us engage with this deluge of information through immersive and interactive learning experiences. I already knew about the Prisoner’s Dilemma and repeated games. But only after playing Nicky Case’s excellent simulation of this Game theory concept, did I truly begin to understand it.

Engagement bridges the gap between knowing and understanding.

This is how the future of education would look like. Rather than knowing a thousand concepts, it would involve understanding them through works of art on a technological canvas.

Today, we stand at a cusp. The days of one-way classroom sessions and passive textbook re-reading are numbered. The way we educate ourselves is set to radically transform. This represents a great opportunity for us as teachers, learners, technologists and artists.

I bow to wonderful and generous people like Nicky Case for leading the way.

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