A toast to showering

About three years ago Elon Musk was asked in a Reddit AMA, “Which daily habit do you believe has had the largest positive impact on your life?”

His response was simply “Showering”.

We don’t shower merely because we are dirty. It is a ritual we use as a to enter a particular state of mind. In the shower, our minds can enter a diffused state where some of our best ideas can surface. This is the underlying truth beneath the enduring legend of Archimedes stepping out of the bathtub, naked, through the streets of Syracuse screaming “Eureka”.

And thankfully, the devices that pervade every minute of our lives have not been able to enter our bathtubs and shower cubes. They are, perhaps, the last bastions of the idle, solitary mind.

So here’s to showering – the performance enhancing drug that kick starts our day or helps us tune into some of the best ideas brewing under the surface of our conscious minds.

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