Recruiting those bursts of inspiration

Starting something is usually the most difficult part. This is as true of going for a run on a cold morning, sticking to a healthy diet or for composing a blogpost or an article. Invariably, the idea of doing these things – of running, eating healthy or writing regularly seem more appealing than their actual execution.

There are certain times when we feel better about doing something. Perhaps, going for a run in the morning seems more appealing the night before. Or that healthy diet seems particularly compelling the moment we step on the weighing scale.

The key is to utilize those moments to modify our environments in our favour. This could mean changing into our running clothes the evening before and and setting aside our shoes and socks. One could also step off the weighing scale, go straight to the refrigerator and put the fruits and veggies on the top shelves while pushing junk food out of sight into the tray below.

We routinely underestimate the role of our environment in influencing our behaviour. One way to change that is to utilize those random moments of clarity to reconfigure our environment. That way it can aid us rather in our noble, but difficult pursuits rather than work against them.

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