Between difficulty and ease

For a person who doesn’t cook, cooking is a daunting task.

Preparing that exquisite pulao seems like an intricate exercise. The rice ought to be done, but not sticky. The spices need to be added in the perfect ratio and the vegetables have to cook, but the capsicum still ought to carry a hint of crispiness. There are so many things that could go wrong.

And then he reads a recipe, learns the procedure and tries it out a couple of times.

It is deliberate the first few times. It isn’t always a success. Making the perfect pualo has its learning curve. But it doesn’t seem daunting anymore. It is merely a series of well- defined steps.

Things seem harder than they are when we haven’t done them before. On doing them a couple of times, they seem easier than they really are.

It is between these two powerful illusions that we constantly dance.

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