The cycle of crises

Why does it have to require a crisis?

We humans are creatures of crisis. It is in our nature. We do not act in the absence of deadlines or consequences, and we procrastinate even when they exist. In the face of devastating climate change, we have not been compelled to act yet. We seem to be waiting until things really get out of hand.

This is as true of individuals, as it is of collective humanity. Most of our schedules are filled with responses to crises – ones that precipitate from our actions or decisions from yesterday. Our decisions from today would in turn become our crises of tomorrow.

How does one interrupt this cycle?

By choosing to ignore some of our crises. Sure, there would be consequences – ones that hopefully teach us to hold back on making the decisions that caused those crises in the first place.

Because if we don’t ignore them, there is a crisis to be solved. Right now. Always.

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