A recap at 200 posts

On writing this blog for the better half of a year, doing it everyday feels like brushing my teeth. And yet, it doesn’t.

I just realized that the previous post I had written was my 200th. And doing it that many times has transformed blogging from being an act that requires my will-power to something that I do automatically every day. Like brushing my teeth.

And yet, it is significantly different.

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post, I am not sure of the outcome. There are several posts I have written to simply discard them. The counter-intuitive principle here is that the higher this doubt – that this post might not be successful – the greater the odds of it being something worthwhile.

Just as surely as that habit has stuck, so has the uncertainty of what would result each time I sit down to write. And it is in this zone of intersection between something that is sure to happen but might not be successful, where our best work lies.

200 posts in, I’ve enjoyed every single one of them.

Inspiration and further reading: Out on a limb – Seth Godin’s blog

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