Pictures on a hike

Every hike in the woods is a celebration. During a hike, we appreciate how every glimpse is filled with beauty that is uncharacteristic of our otherwise mundane lives.

In those moments, our impulse is to pull out a camera and capture them all, so that when we sit down, bored, at our cubicles or on our couches on a Sunday afternoon, we have several reminders of how beautiful that hike was. So, we capture every flower, every creek and every bird or butterfly that catches our attention. Each photograph is our mind’s attempt to imprison the present moment and preserve it for posterity.

However, as we open these albums filled with 300 photos on that Sunday afternoon, what we see is a mere shadow of what we experienced during that hike.

The present moment is like a palmful of water that we hold gingerly. The more we try to grab and preserve it, the more likely it is to slip away through our fingers.

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