10 years ago

How much have you changed in the last 10 years?

In our minds, the answer to that question is easily subjected to bias. We live with our own selves every single day, and our evolving memories are likely to create a flattering image of our past selves.

Few things shatter that illusion objectively better than records you have left on the internet.

About 10 years ago several of us crystallized our own thoughts on blogs, social media and various other digital footprints. These records have floated about on the internet for long enough to serve as a good time capsule now. And reading them can offer an unflattering version of our past selves. This applies more so to fiery debates and arguments we have had, carried away by our emotions.

On doing so, these records can, at once, be unsettling as well as comforting. Unsettling, because they shatter some illusions we may have held about ourselves, and comforting because we are no longer the selves that we find unsettling.

I wonder what I would feel when I read this post 10 years from now.

2 thoughts on “10 years ago

  1. In 20years time we would be so much different & will be believing the exact opposite of many things that we swore by, it seems.
    I know that is true because that keeps happening in my life. So i just laugh silently when i hear youngsters talk vehemently about many things & i know that they will be telling the exact opposite view when they become old .

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    1. When you look at my own 20 year timeline, that is exactly what happened to a young 10 year old lad who went around claiming that he would never get married 😀


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