This moment is complete

The natural beauty that surrounds us is an end in itself.

Some of my most memorable moments have been spent trekking through a variety of landscapes – forests, mountains, hills and beaches. During each of those treks, the presence of the trees on the wayside, the birds that perched on them and the streams that ran beside our path all added to the experience. Nevertheless, there was no urge to grasp at them or possess them but for their presence on the trekking trail. The experience of enjoying them for what they are – a flower, a bird, an insect or a stream in their natural environment, was complete in itself.


What if we approached learning in the same manner? What if every lesson in a classroom was knowledge to be enjoyed, rather than to be grasped, hoarded, encapsulated as a degree and monetized? What if we approached our time, our money, our relationships and every other aspect that surrounds us similarly – just as we enjoy our treks in the present moment rather than to grasp at them with a sense of longing?

What if we assumed that every moment of our lives was complete in itself, regardless of how we spend it? How would our world be different then? How different would our world be?

2 thoughts on “This moment is complete

  1. You knowAnupam, Adi Sankaracharya is my role model! Everyday i wonder how he just left home & wandered all over without any possessions & achieved so much & left soooooooo much for posterity to study 😱


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