Learning to rhyme

There is no such thing as a truly original creation.

Every stroke of Picasso’s brush and every word that Shakespeare wrote had the collective experiences of their lives holding their hand as they made their timeless creations. Their uniqueness is a result of what they combine, and how much of it. Therefore, originality is merely a potpourri of several rhymes, rendered through great artists.

How does an artist perceive a tree? She observes the light shimmering through its leaves, the twists and bends of its roots and the patterns on its bark. Through the lens of her sensitive being, she directs her impressions of that tree into her innermost depths. Once her engagement is so thorough, she translates whatever she feels into a work of art that rhymes with the impressions that the tree has had on her.

This is true for all art – from abstract paintings to a well designed UI for an app. Art resonates with us universally because deep down, we are a lot more similar than we are on the surface.

We are all moved by the same rhymes.

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