Trust and efficiency

It is efficient to trust somebody. To not have to look over their shoulders after delegating work to them. To not have to cross-check every shipment received from a supplier. To not have to scrutinize every detail about someone’s professional background before hiring them.

This is why companies rely on employee referrals – trust translates to better hiring. Trust also oils the machinery of family run businesses. This is why Gujartis and Marwaris continue to be successful despite defying business theories and not employing the latest technology.

But learning to trust, and to gain someone’s trust, comes with experience. To be entrusted, one has to show up again and again with quality. And to learn to trust is to walk the fine line between delegation and abdication.

Nevertheless, trust is an intangible quality that companies would do well to embrace, for it can quickly translate into tangible and measurable efficiency.

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