Listening to your audience

Daniel Pink was a political speechwriter for Al Gore in his early career. While the speeches he wrote were being delivered, he had a unique vantage point. He could focus all his attention on how the audience responded to each sentence, each punchline and each factoid he had included. He would also notice portions of the speech that his boss would skip over, the words he would replace and the places he would depart from the script to speak impromptu. In this manner, he would get instant feedback on what worked and what did not. Eventually, he translated his skills in speech-writing to author several acclaimed books.

Having a live audience is a luxury. They can come in several forms – the attendees that listen to a politician, the passengers that a flight attendant greets, the colleagues you greet as you walk into the office or that distant relative who watches the same Netflix show. What they all offer in common is the opportunity to get better at making connections.

Inspiration: A conversation with Daniel Pink on the Tim Ferriss Show

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