Make no exceptions

What makes some people exceptional?

They do their work everyday. They write rap song lyrics everyday for 17 years like Coolio did before his first hit. They play every game as though their lives are at stake, like Luiz Suarez did, as he chased his dream of playing European football. They write every morning as Asisac Asimov did, working his typewriter from 6 AM to noon every single day, regardless of how good the output was. Most importantly, they made no exceptions.

To be truly exceptional, you must do the work everyday. No holidays. No vacations. No special days. No rainy days. No excuses when the result is bad.

To show up relentlessly is difficult. Our society is not setup to support it. Most people do not do it, and will not empathize with it. But this is also the reason that most people are not exceptional. If showing up everyday was easy, then there would be nothing exceptional about it.

To be truly exceptional, you must make no exceptions.

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