The leverage mindset

The lever is a fascinating instrument.

It is the simplest of machines. Its leverage is based of the length of the load arm and the effort arm and is a key determinant in how much impact it can effect. With the incorrect leverage, the greatest force can prove to be wasteful. With the right leverage, the smallest nudge can have a tremendous results.

As a wrestler, you can go at your opponent with all your strength. You might succeed on rare occasions, but it would prove useless against good opponents. Moreover, doing it repeatedly will leave you injured. Alternatively, you can use the force required to merely close a door to overthrow an opponent, like a judo expert.

We can approach any capability with a strength mindset – to stretch every muscle fiber today and get things done at the risk of pain and injury. The alternative is the leverage mindset – to learn the right technique, a little bit everyday, to multiply force in the long-run.



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