The marathoners

Marathoners embody stamina. Stamina could be defined as their ability to take the 20,000th step with as much ease and energy as the first one. When I see them practicing, I can never tell how long they have been at it.

But stamina could as well be defined as a flight attendant’s ability to greet the 20,000th passenger with as much enthusiasm and warmth as the first one, regardless of their mood. Or the supermarket cashier’s ability to wish his 20,000th customer as well his first one. Or the customer care executive’s ability, to treat the 20,000th customer complaint with as much empathy as the first one.

Making a connection takes stamina, just as running a marathon does. When I think of receptionists, flight attendants and customer care executives, it is the marathoners that come to my mind.

I could have been their 20,000th customer, but I could never tell.

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