The Perfecting vs. the Publishing mindset

Projects can be approached with the perfecting mindset.

This would mean setting exceptional standards and chipping away, always getting closer. To hold back from hitting the publish button, until these standards have been achieved. To relegate a deadline to the quality of output. To consider one’s self only as good as one’s last piece of work.

I have approached many of my projects with a perfecting mindset. Except, I’ve abandoned most of them once I had started. Especially ones where I was not accountable. Especially when the going got harder. As a result, I now bear the burden of several unfinished, unpublished projects.

An alternative, is the publishing mindset.

The approach here is to define a process for relentless execution. To avoid changing the process once execution has started. To consider the deadline as sacrosanct. To publish regardless of how complete the project is. To measure quality based on the average of several outputs, rather than the most recent.

I have used the publishing mindset on several of my recent projects. This has been a challenge sometimes. I find it to be inflexible. I fret over how much the quality fluctuates. And on many occasions, I am anxious before I publish.

But what it has offered in return is liberation. Once I have published, there is no looking back, and no more baggage to bear. It sets me free to pursue my next project.

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