Winning the buzzer round

As a childhood quizzer, the buzzer round was always interesting. It was a high-stakes free-for-all, and came with the risk of losing points. It caused everybody to become twice as alert: the audience, the quiz master and the quizzers themselves.

To win the buzzer round, you do not buzz when you were sure of the answer. You buzz the moment you think you know the answer. If you waited until you were sure, the competition would buzz you out. Having buzzed, you ought to have the faith that the answer will come to you by the time the quiz master calls out out your name. In this time, your overclocked brain would retrieve it from the recesses of your memory. Winning the buzzer was about taking leaps of faith in split seconds.

And so it is with the best opportunities. They are seized by putting your hand up, before the details are clear. Pushing the buzzer is to start a business, before you have all the information. To hit publish, even if the product is not perfect. Most importantly, it represents the faith that the answer will emerge, once you leap for it.

Because if you don’t, somebody else will.

Inspiration: Akimbo: Seth Godin’s podcast

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