3 lessons from 50 posts

I have been posting everyday for the last 50 days. What started off as an experiment has turned into a habit. Here are three lessons that I have learnt along the way:

1. There is no dearth of ideas – When I  started off, I was anxious that I would run out of topics quite soon. Barely a couple of weeks in, I realized that there is an abundance of fascinating things to take note of. The practice of blogging everyday has implicitly made them easier to notice and write about. The challenge lies in expressing these ideas more coherently, rather than finding them in the first place.

2. The mind’s background processing can be harnessed – When I have a rough idea in my head, I sit down and try and express it in free-flowing prose. Oftentimes the words I type out would feel inadequate in their expression of my understanding. After a stipulated duration, I force myself to take a break for several hours before I return to the post. When I resume, somehow I find that my expression is clearer. It is as though my mind worked on the problem during the break, without my conscious knowledge.

3. Fear becomes familiar – Every post on the blog brings me face-to-face with fear. The fear of expressing my stand on an issue. The fear of expressing a point of view that can be challenged. The fear of hitting the publish button. By blogging everyday, I understand my fear better by conversing with it. With time, I also realize that fear doesn’t go away but merely becomes more familiar.

One example of Lesson No. 1: each of these three lessons could be spun out as a post of its own.

Thanks for tuning in. I will continue putting these out as long as I enjoy doing so. So far, it has been fun!

Credits: Lesson 3 on fear is inspired by the teachings of Seth Godin. He borrows Steven Pressfield’s term for terming this fear The Resistance. 

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