Eliminate choice

All of us have some pursuits that we have not done justice to – something that we have taken up seriously, but have not followed through with. One of the biggest enemies to pursuing something consistently and relentlessly is choice.

Let us consider two ways of framing a commitment – to run regularly vs. to run 5 kilometres everyday. The first option affords a lot of choice. To run ‘regularly’ is open-ended. It offers flexibility, but when it is time to go for a run, 10 things that seem more urgent can take priority. To run 5 km everyday is definite. Most importantly, the need to run is established just as surely as the sun rises. There is no other choice.

We live in the era of possibilities, with shrinking distances, merging cultures and empowering technologies. Possibilities are ideal for discovery – among a thousand pursuits, to pick that one that most excites us. However, this choice is also the enemy of depth. The moment our pursuit becomes a little harder, there is an endless menu of alternatives that seem more appealing.

With this blog, what has helped me the most is the need to post everyday, which has ensured that I keep it up for more than 40 days now. Along the way, it has transformed from a choice to a habit – a daily action that is just as sure as bathing or brushing my teeth.

Depth is what transforms a fleeting whim into a meaningful pursuit, and choice is its biggest enemy.


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