Caught between work and a job

Our profession is a collection of activities we have learnt to do better than the average person, that the market values. It is the necessary outcome of living in large, interdependent groups. We serve with our profession and receive from thousands of other professionals every day.

Our profession could be our ‘work’- an extension of our purpose. Our work pays us to make the change we wish to see in the world, everyday. Our life has meaning because of it.

On the other end, our profession could be our ‘job’ – a necessary evil for putting food on the table, keeping the kids in school and earning that occasional vacation. It is an investment of our time into an activity that takes value away from us. Therefore, we receive a compensation. Our life is meaningful in spite of it.

Most professions lie somewhere along this continuum between being our work and our job. There is harmony where there is perfect clarity on the extent to which our profession is our work or our job. Expecting work and finding a job instead is what causes suffering.

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