Thank you for the hope

As a species on the planet, we have done several monumental things – going from an underdog to the dominant species in the blink of an eye, wiping out several species of megafauna as we wandered from continent to continent, changing the face of the earth forever, and now, threatening our own existence on this planet.

At a time like this, we need hope. We need something to be proud of. There are people who dedicate their lives to giving us hope, and about 6000 of them launched a rocket today that is twice as powerful as anything that has escaped the atmosphere so far, culminating in 15 minutes that are the epitome of fostering that hope.

As I see Starman driving away on a Roadster for eternity between the orbits of Earth and Mars, I am grateful to the SpaceX team for gifting the human species a moment to look back on with pride.

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